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Resources for Our Violinists

Recursos para nuestros violinistas

First Up: Scales!

Next: Review Songs!

Song of the Wind Tutorial

Allegro Tutorial

Perpetual Motion Tutorial

Song of the "Light Breeze"

Allegro: slow practice

Perpetual Motion Slow

Song of the Wind at tempo

Allegro at tempo

Perpetual Motion at tempo

Champion Review/Thunderbolt New Songs! (these involve low 2nd)

Minuet No. 1 Tutorial

Minuet No. 2 Tutorial

Minuet No. 2 Medium

Minuet No. 1 Slow

Minuet No. 2 Ultra Slow

Minuet No. 2 at tempo

Minuet No. 1 at tempo

Minuet No. 2 Slow

Minuet No. 2 just the piano

Luna de Xelaju

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